Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I'm back.
I was so chuffed to hear a few readers ask when I was going to blog again, I even had one gorgeous woman say she was praying for my safety! Nothing happening to this old dame, just one busy timetable. The past two months have been crazy-busy. I have completed my final dipEd prac for uni (5 weeks at a co-ed high school), completed a handful of uni assignments, was part of a collaborative art exhibition in Bathurst, celebrated three birthdays at home and prepared for the upcoming nuptials of  my gorgeous brother and his beautiful fiancĂ© (this coming Saturday!!!!), it's no easy feat buying clothes for six during the school holidays.
Anyway, with all of the above spinning around in my head it was time to exhale and stop a while.
So last week we packed up and went bush, heading south with my parents and a boot load of gear to my in laws and my hubby's best mate's farm. 
Time, space, family and good old country air did wonders for us all.

I feel refreshed and relaxed, well I did until I got home and had to iron all of the starched school shirts for first day back…..life goes on!
Tomorrow I am on my own for the first time in 3 weeks, so once i've taken a chunk out of another uni assignment, I'll pop the kettle on and read my favourite blogs on the deck in the sun (hoping to tan my lily white legs for Saturday).
Tons of love to you all, and a big thank you to Mariko, Bob, Fleur and Dave for filling our hearts with country warmth.
Liv x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A bit chuffed

This Winter I have been surrounded by woolly inspiration, and when I mentioned my crazy idea of wanting to give it a go to my friend Corrie from Retro Mummy (you've all been over there a millions times right?….very creative mumma that one!), she gave me this gorgeous gift. A big ball of Bendigo Wool and some o so cute needles!

So here was my inspiration:

Mum made this gorgeous blanket for my nephew last month

My Aunty is madly knitting this fun little rug for, I'm guessing, her yet-to-be-conceived-granddaughter (she has 4 boys and is obviously craving some pink)

My Mother inlaw sent me this pic of the submarine in her home town. It has been dressed by the locals for Winter as 'The Yellow Submarine'.

….and so with a bucket load of inspiration, I began my first ever knitting project: A basic cowl scarf.

Unpicking has proved to be my strong point.

I was so chuffed with how I was travelling (despite the fact it took me two months!), but then I got to the button hole bit…..and from there it went totally pear shaped. Literally.

An emergency call to Corrie and a quick instruction on blocking, and I sort of sorted the above problem out.

Drum roll…..I present:

The Neck brace
 (I may have got a bit impatient and omitted the last 4 inches?!)

Have you been working on a Winter project?

Much Love
Liv x